Our Story

Scott and Shantel Beck started the We Care for Orphans Adoption Fund in 2011 to assist families with the large financial requirements that the adoption process requires.

Scott and Shantel live near a small town in Indiana with their 5 children. They have, along with thousands of other families, chosen to adopt a child into their hearts and home. As a result of the adoption and their growing desire to serve, encourage and fulfill God’s call in their lives, Scott and Shantel have started the We Care for Orphans Adoption Fund.



Caring for orphans was first put in Shantel’s heart as a young girl. That desire has grown through the years and has now become a reality after walking the journey of adoption herself. She, along with her husband, Scott have realized that there are hundreds of families that desire to adopt children but that are unable to because of the financial resources required. It is their desire to come along side families and help them with some of the resources needed to make their adoption a reality. It is also designed to encourage families who are in that process to trust and obey the voice of God and know that His timing is always perfect and when we give our lives and our families to Him, He will pour out His blessings!