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WORLDWIDE MISSION - We Care for Orphans Adoption Fund

Our Worldwide Mission

We Care for Orphans is currently working to financially support families with the resources needed to make adoption a reality. In the future, We Care would like to do more in reaching out to orphans worldwide who are not fortunate enough to be adopted. We can do this through education, financial support and prayer.

We Care's initial mission to Africa was to see first hand the impoverished places and people who are often forgotten. Africa is a beautiful country that in many places is under-developed resulting in devastation for the people of this great nation. Many people wander the streets and their sole focus for the day is survival. Where will they find their food? Families live in dwellings called compounds and often times there are 10-12 people living in a 1 room house built from the mounds of ant hills. They have no running water and the water brought up from the compound well is filthy and unfiltered. This water is the water they drink from, they bathe in, and wash their clothes in. Most often the 10-12 people living together in the home are not even from the same family because many children lose their parents to the aids epidemic and therefore are forced to live in homes with other families who are often not even related. We Care's passion for orphans and the nation of Africa has drawn us to go and see first hand the struggles they are up against and see what we can do to make a difference.

The second reason We Care went to Africa was to go and see The LifeSong School in Zambia. We Care has partnered with LifeSong for Orphans to financially support adoptive families who are in the process of adoption but need resources to make their adoptions complete. The barrier in adoption is the necessary funds to complete the process of adoption.  Many families simply cannot do it alone and We Care for Orphans and LifeSong for Orphans work together to help families with the resources needed. We Care has taken a great interest in the education of the children who come from these impoverished families and we are taking a look first hand at what is being done through LifeSong to support Africa with education.


The following is a list of countries that We Care has helped financially support families who feel the passion to adopt but needed financing to complete their adoptions.


United States



Hong Kong
South Korea
Dominican Republic