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Our Story - We Care for Orphans Adoption Fund

Scott and Shantel Beck live near a small town in
Indiana with their five children. They have, along
with thousands of other families, chosen to
adopt a child into their hearts and home. As a
result of the adoption and their growing desire
to serve, encourage and fulfill God's call in their
lives, Scott and Shantel have started the We
Care for Orphans Adoption Fund.
Caring for orphans was first put in Shantel’s heart as a young girl. That desire has grown through the years and has now become a reality after walking the journey of adoption herself. She, along with her husband, Scott have realized that there are hundreds of families that desire to adopt children but that are unable to because of the financial resources required. It is their desire to come along side families and help them with some of the resources needed to make their adoption a reality. It is also designed to encourage families who are in that process to trust and obey the voice of God and know that His timing is always perfect and when we give our lives and our families to Him, He will pour out His blessings!

 Jadyn Ludmila (Pictured Above) – Daughter of Scott and Shantel Beck

Jadyn came to America from the Ukraine in November of 2009. Nearly five years later, she is growing, thriving and full of life. Her personality has developed into a very bright, positive and happy girl that loves family, friends and her new favorite hobby (riding horses).

We have personally seen a very loving and encouraging little girl develop right in front of us. She is always ready and willing to help, and makes others feel like they are worth a million dollars through her acts of kindness.

Jadyn is now eight years old, and this year we started homeschooling her. She has completed her whole year of study by the beginning of March and is eager to start her next grade level. We held her back from beginning kindergarten at the scheduled age of five due to the transition time it takes to learn a new language and the emotional maturity she needed during the bonding process with us as a family and all the changes she would go through. We are excited about her progress and she has been more than making up the time we held back to allow her the necessary time to grow and develop. The Lord is so good to lead us and guide us to make decisions that will promote a happy, healthy home and a place where she feels safe to develop her life skills and hobbies.

As a biological parent and an adoptive parent, I can truly say that children are a blessing! The place in our hearts that God designs for our children is sacred and I am so grateful that He chose us for the adventure of a lifetime. All of our children are a wonderful gift from our Creator, Jesus Christ, and I thank Him for the honor to raise them to love and live their lives for His greater glory.

"Learn to do good. Seek justice. Help the oppressed. Defend the
cause of orphans. Fight for the rights of widows." - Isaiah 1:17