Ukraine Trip

Camp we visited in Kharkov, Ukraine

This picture is an overlook of the camp we visited in Kharkov, Ukraine. This is where orphaned children come and learn life skills, have fun activities, and learn about the gift of Jesus Christ. This camp is equipped with a horse stable and a strawberry farm for agricultural purposes and to help sustain the camp in order to do outreach.

This is a picture of Andrey and our daughter, Jordyn. They were coloring pictures for the Christmas dinner we were sharing with the mentally challenged adult orphans that were coming to hear about the birth of Jesus. Jordyn is learning early how to be a servant and enjoying her new friend.

Andrey is also a former orphan who is now working regularly on the farm and reaching out to orphans both in the orphanages and at the camp. He has really grown spiritually and is now blooming in his relationship with Christ.

This picture is of two of the kids at the Ukraine Transition Home, Svetta and Jeka. These kids were once orphans, and have been reached out to by the ministries in Ukraine. At the time they aged out of the orphanage, they were asked to be a part of the Lifesong Transition Homes in Kharkov. There they are taught life skills, responsibility and a life worth living with the Lord as their guide. As they mature and grow it is quite natural for some kids to develop a desire to reach out to other orphans to help them like they have been helped.

These kids then work on the farm, in the horse stable, and on the strawberry farm, to not only learn to help manage the work load that is required to run this camp, but as a means of opportunity to meet and work with new orphans that come to camp and begin to establish relationships. Life is about relationships. First our own relationship with Christ and second, how we can teach others about Christ and His love for them so that they too can have a relationship with Christ.

This is a Denis Poshelok. He is the head of the transition homes and camp ministries. In this picture, he is showing me the strawberry fields. The metal stakes on the left are for the new tunnels that will be put up soon in order for growing to take place year round. This project will financially help the camp to continue to thrive and grow in a struggling economy and they are some of the best berries in the area so production is very important. The more that is produced, the more they can reach out to these orphans.

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